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Our expertise

Flawless organisation, creativity, constant presence on the field...

We are MICE to the core!

Here are some of the services we offer for perfect conventions, incentive programs and events in Sweden and Norway :

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Boutique and business hotels, award-winning designs, arctic lodges, eccentricity and irreproachable service, for tight or lavish budgets... Sweden has it all. Always cozy, with a great concern for sustainability.

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From historical to avant-garde spaces, Sweden and its capital city Stockholm in particular offer plenty of options of meeting rooms for all tastes and budgets, either at the hotel or at a walking-distance offsite venue.


Arctic adventures

The magic of Lapland awaits you. Husky sledding, snowmobile expedition, northern lights safari, ice-breaker cruise, arctic bath & sauna, car drifting, ice buggies... Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! 

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What are you craving for? A medieval restaurant, complete with soldiers in armor and troubadours? A cozy 19th century inn specialized in traditional Swedish cuisine? Or a Michelin fine-dining experience in a stylish setting? 

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Cool venues & Cocktails

In case you didn't know, the swedes know a thing or two about design. We have plenty of rooftop bars, floating bars, ice bars, art galleries, breweries  and boats to use as original venues for a happening or a cocktail.

Stora salongen.jpg

Gala dinners

The Nobel prize ceremony halls, Vasa museum, the Royal Opera, many palaces, castles and green houses... We have so many spectacular venues available for gala dinners in Sweden that you are spoiled for choice.



Sea kayaks, go karts, supercars, electric bikes, RIBs, investigation games in the steps of "the girl with the dragon tattoo", winter olympics in Lapland... Sweden is an ideal playground for team-building.



Picture it : a Sami tipi in Lapland's boreal forest, fitted with wooden floors and cozy beds made of reindeer fur and thick duvets around a warm stove. And with a bit of luck, you'll spot the magic Northern lights...

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It is nice to visit Sweden on foot or on the road, but what about taking your group up in the air? Hot air balloons and helicopters are the most popular options to admire our beautiful country from a bird's eye view. 

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Boat cruises

Stockholm's archipelago is made of 24,000 islands. There are plenty of modern cruisers, old steam ships and even sailing beauties that we can rent for a half-day tour to an island, with food and drinks on board.


Sami people

Despite the influence of modern society, many Sami still live as reindeer breeders with a nomadic and shamanic ancestral lifestyle. Share a moment with them to discover their fascinating culture!

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Discovery tours

It is a delight to visit Stockholm, the "Venice of the North" and its surroundings, to discover its rich history, architecture and its abundance of parks, museums, art galleries and trendy spots.

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